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Customize the installer

You can change the dwagent installer in order to modify some text elements, hide some options, show your company logo and change service and process name. To do that you have to inject the file install.json and images inside of installation package. These are the configurations you can set:

name:Change name of program:

- installation path
- start menu name
- service name
- process name

(don’t use space or special chars)
mainurl:Set this to https://www.apiremoteaccess.com/ (do not forget / at ends). In this way agent send all requests to apiremoteaccess.com instead of dwservice.net
listenport:Is for future use (default dwagent port is 7951 you can use a different value e.g. listenport: 7952)
title:Change window title of installer (you have to inject logo inside of installation package)
logoxos:Change logo for your OS:
Linux: png format 64x64 pixels.
Mac OS: icns format.
Windows: ico format 16x16,32x32,48x48,64x64 pixels.
logo16x16:Logo in bmp format 16x16 pixels.
logo32x32:Logo in bmp format 32x32 pixels.
logo48x48:Logo in bmp format 48x48 pixels.
lang:Force the installation language. (e.g. en, it, pt, de, ...)
topinfo:Show the text on top of installer window. (use \n to start a new line).
topimage:Show the image on top of installer window. Image bmp format 760x70 pixels. (you have to inject image inside of installation package).
leftcolor:Change the color of left panel. (value is hexstring like 83e5ff)
welcometext:Show the text on welcome page. (use \n to start a new line)
mode:run/install (show only run or only install option)
installputcode:true/false valid if mode=install. Show only "put code" option in installation (please always set true)
runputcode:true/false valid if mode=run. Enable user to put connection code when run the installer
runtoptext:Change text on top of run panel. (use \n to start a new line).
runbottomtext:Change text on bottom of run panel. (use \n to start a new line).

The file install.json must be in JSON representations. All the images must be bitmap file (.bmp) except logoxos.