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Sessions resource

The url to perform operations on sessions resource is:


This resource allows you to manage user sessions to agent. When you create a user session, the server returns a URL that you can publish inside the IFrame of your web application or you can open it in new window. Every user session is identified by unique IDChannel, if you create a new user session with IDChannel already connected, the previous session with same IDChannel will be closed.
The DELETE method allows you to close a session, but you don’t need to close the session by API because the correct way is to close the session is within your web application.

The session resource information is:

id:Identify the session id.
idChannel:Identify the channel id.
idAgent:Identify the agent id (if missing, is a temporary session).
initTime:UTC time when session is started.
ipAddress:IP address of the user.
frozen:true/false. After 20 minute of inactivity the session will be frozen. After 24 hours the session will be destroyed.
frozenTime:UTC time when session is frozen. (valid if frozen=true).