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Log watch application

A log file is a text file in which a program (or the system itself) collects information about events. If you want to track changes to a certain log file, you can do so using the Log watch application. You can see the changes in the text file in real time.

When you are connected to the Agent, applications will appear:


The Log watch application looks like this when in use:

  1. Open → You can open a log file from the remote device that you can monitor.
  2. Pause → You can pause the monitoring of changes to the file.
  3. Delete → Deletes the text on the screen. ⚠️ Important: The file content is not changed; the text is not deleted from the file. The remote file remains unchanged.
  4. Tabs → You can open multiple tabs at once, allowing you to perform multiple tasks in parallel.
  5. Close tab button → It can be used to close the given tab.

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