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🗑️ How do I manually remove the agent on a Linux?

The easiest way to remove manually the agent on Linux is by stopping and remove service and deleting its files and folder.
Open a new Terminal window and execute the following commands:

  1. Stop the DWAgent service:
    sudo /usr/share/dwagent/native/dwagsvc stop
  2. Delete the DWAgent service:
    sudo /usr/share/dwagent/native/dwagsvc delete
  3. Remove the DWAgent folder:
    sudo rm -r -f /usr/share/dwagent
  4. Remove the DWAgent file:
    sudo rm -f /etc/dwagent
  5. Restart Linux.

💡 Alternatively, you can create a script file (for example: dwagent_uninstall.sh) that contains all of the above commands and performs the removal of the Agent from the Linux system with one command. Using this method, do the following:

  1. Create a plain text file and name it for example dwagent_uninstall.sh
  2. Copy and Paste the following commands into the dwagent_uninstall.sh:
    ⚠️ If the Agent is not installed in the default location, enter the current installation path instead of “/usr/share/dwagent”.

/usr/share/dwagent/native/dwagsvc stop
/usr/share/dwagent/native/dwagsvc delete
rm -r -f /usr/share/dwagent
rm -f /etc/dwagent

3. Save the file.
4. Execute dwagent_uninstall.sh using the following command:

sudo bash dwagent_uninstall.sh

5. Restart Linux.