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Our service is free by default.

But we would like to extend our activities and improve the quality of DWService. That’s why we now offer subscriptions!

Subscription is not mandatory, but your financial contributions will support the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of DWService.

The Free plan gives you a maximum bandwidth of 6 Mbps.

With a subscription, depending on the plan you choose, you get the bandwidth that comes with it.

The bigger the package, the more bandwidth you get.

More bandwidth means smoother usage and a better user experience, even with multiple simultaneous connections.

You can be our subscriber for as long as you like and cancel it whenever you want.

More information on subscription plans is available here: https://www.dwservice.net/contribute-subscriptions.html

We are using Paddle (www.paddle.com) as reseller of our subscription.

If you would like to read more about why we use Paddle as a reseller, check out this link: DWService now available with a merchant of record – DWService News