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🔲 Status of the Agent: Unavailable

In the event that the Agent’s status is Unavailable, there are several possible reasons.

Maybe it is just a temporary failure on the Agent side, in the Internet connection, or at the Node.
Please check your connection again a little bit later.

If the status is still “Unavailable”, the error will be most likely on the Agent side. Either with the internet connection or with the device itself.

➡️ You can check the following:

  • Check what DWAgent – Monitor indicates as status. More information about the Monitor is available in our documentation here: Monitor – DWService – Docs
  • Check that the Agent is not disabled. (If the Monitor icon is red, it means the Agent is disabled, please enable it)
  • The Agent has its own log file that collects events. It is a plain text file that can be opened with any text editor. Check this log file to see if it contains any error messages. If you installed the Agent using the default path, the log file is the following:
    • Windows ⇒ C:\Program Files\DWAgent\dwagent.log
    • Linux ⇒ /usr/share/dwagent/dwagent.log
    • macOS ⇒ /Library/DWAgent/dwagent.log


  • Test your Internet connection. With Internet connections, it is not just speed that counts, but also quality. The quality of your internet connection is affected by several factors:
    • Download speed – the faster the better
    • Upload speed – the faster the better
    • Latency (Ping) – the lower the better
    • Jitter – the lower the better
    • Packet loss – the lower the better (0 is best)

There are several tools on the internet to test the quality of your internet connection. A few examples:


  • Check that the remote device is not hibernating or sleeping.
  • Check that the remote device’s network connection is active and working properly.
  • Check that the remote device’s Internet connection is working properly.
  • If you have any antivirus/firewall solutions, check that the Agent is not blocked by them. Temporarily disable them.