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Time-based One-Time Password

A form of multifactor authentication. In this case, during authentication, after entering the username and password, a time-based password consisting of 6 digits is required.
The TOTP code looks like this: 123 456

As the TOTP is generated by another device (e.g. a mobile phone or a tablet), or possibly by software, it further enhances security by ensuring that only you can log in to your personal account.

There are many applications that manage TOTP.

Here are a few of the most used:

  • FreeOTP (on mobile devices)
  • Microsoft Authenticator (on mobile devices)
  • Google Authenticator (on mobile device)
  • Password Manager application (on desktop and mobile devices)
  • and many, many more …

Watch our tutorial video on How to activate TOTP (2FA):

Watch our tutorial video on How to manage TOTP (2FA):

Watch our tutorial video on How to inactivate TOTP (2FA):

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