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🔁 How to reinstall the Agent remotely.

may be situations where you need to completely reinstall the Agent remotely.
In such a case, you can do the following:

1. Connect to the remote device.

2. Download the latest installer from our website (DWService – Download).

2. Launch the installer on the remote device.

3. Select Run.

4. In your local browser, open a new browser tab/window.

5. Visit the DWService website.

6. Connect to the remote device again using the username (xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx) and password (xxxx) you received on the remote device.
With this new connection you have the possibility to uninstall the Agent from the remote device.

8. Uninstall the Agent.

9. After you have successfully uninstalled the Agent, reinstall it.

✅ Once the Agent is installed, you can use that connection to manage the remote device.