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🖥️ Silent installation with Group Policy

you would like to install the Agent using silent installation and Group Policy, you can do the following:

  • Create a PowerShell script (.ps1 file) containing the path to the Agent and the silent installation parameters.
  • Create an .msi file containing the Agent and the silent installation parameters.

Creating a PowerShell script file

An example of what a PowerShell script might contain:

IF NOT EXIST "C:\Program Files\DWAgent\agent.py" copy \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\log$\software\dwservice\dwagent.exe c:\temp\ & c:\temp\dwagent.exe -silent user=xxxxxx password=xxxxxx & DEL /F /S /Q /A "c:\temp\dwagent.exe"

Creating an .msi file

Using a third-party (free) tool, you can create your own .msi file from the .exe file downloaded from our site and using the silent installation parameters, which you can then use to install the Agent.

Download and install the application.

Once the application is installed, launch it. You will see the following window:

Browse to the .exe installation file downloaded from our download page:

Enter the parameters to use for the silent installation:

💡Hint: parameters for silent installation can be found hereHow do I install the agent silently?

Then click on the Build MSI button:

The .msi file will be created. With the same name as the .exe file and in the same folder as the .exe file.

✅ You can then use the .msi file for a silent installation.