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πŸ‘€ Run the Agent with admin privileges on a Windows where the user has only user privileges

a user runs the Agent on a device where he/she has only user privileges, the Agent will also run with only user privileges.

If you would like to perform an operation remotely that requires administrator privileges, the window requesting administrator credentials will not appear to you (only to the remote user) because it is a protected window.

πŸ§‘πŸΌβ€πŸ’» The implementationΒ of showing a password prompt window is also on our todo list. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you when it will beΒ available. But in the meantime, the workaround detailed below can be used.

Depending on whether the remote user knows the administrator password, or not, there are two possible scenarios:

  • If the remote user knows the administrator password and enters it, and the Agent will run with administrator privileges.
  • If the remote user does not know the administrator password, but you do, continue reading to find out how you can manage this situation.

The situation

The remote user asks you to connect to his/herΒ device. To accomplish this, the remote user runs the Agent (with user privileges).

Then he/she shares the username and password with you.Β 

Connect to his/her Agent.

➑️ On the remote device, launch a command line window (cmd.exe) and enter the following command:

runas /user:administrator dwagent.exe

Then press Enter.

Note: this command runs the Agent as a different user.

⚠️ Of course, you must replace “administrator” with the username of the administrator on the remote device.

In the following example image, the administrator account name is DWService:

➑️ Then enter the password of the administrator.

⚠️ Important note: The remote user will not see what you type because you must enter the password blindly.

Once you have entered the password, press Enter.

Another instance of the Agent is launched.

➑️ Select Run and click on the Next button.

Then a window will pop up for the remote user (which you cannot see because it is a protected window). The remote user sees this window:

➑️ The remote user simply needs to click on the Yes button.

βœ… You can then connect to the Agent with your new credentials (username and password). You will now have administrator privileges on the remote device.