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Linux – Install the Agent with Code (console)

In case you choose this installation method, you should follow our next guide, step by step.

Visit our website: https://www.dwservice.net

On the main page you will see the login form:

1. Enter your username (Your email address).
2. Enter your password.
3. Click the Sign in button.

You will see your dashboard.

4. On your Dashboard, select Agents.

After selecting Agents, this will be displayed:

5. From the menu on the left, select the All option.
6. Click the + (Plus) sign.

The following window will appear:

7. The selection of Group is optional. If you do not wish to add the agent to a group, simply leave this field blank. If you want to add the Agent to a group, select the desired group from the drop-down menu. If there is no Group in the drop-down menu that suits you, you can create a new Group by selecting Groups in the Dashboard. For more details, click here.
8. Give a name to the Agent you want to create.
9. Optionally, you can provide a Description of the Agent, which will help you to identify the Agent later.
10. To create the Agent, click the Confirm button.

After the window closes, you will see this:

As you can see in the image above, the completed Agent is displayed, which contains a generated Installation Code. Each time you create an Agent, the system will generate such a code (consisting of numbers) for you. You must use this code during the Agent installation process.

After successfully creating the Agent, let’s see how to install the Agent.
In case you use a Linux with Desktop Environment, Start the Terminal application:

11. Open the folder where you want to install the Agent. For example, the Downloads folder.
⚠️ Note: Folders are case sensitive.

Now, let’s download the Agent:

12. You can use the wget command to download the Agent:
wget -N https://www.dwservice.net/download/dwagent.sh

πŸ’‘ Using -N, if the folder already contains a dwagent.sh file, it will be overwritten.

13. If you are using Linux that does not include a Desktop Environment, type sudo bash dwagent.sh and hit Enter.
If you are using Linux that includes a Desktop Environment, type sudo bash dwagent.sh -console and hit Enter.

14. Enter the password for the Linux user.
⚠️ Note: The system does not display the way you type the characters. But just type the password. Then press Enter.

A wizard will be launched to guide you through the installation process.
πŸ’‘ In the wizard, you can step back one step by typing #BACK at the prompt and then pressing Enter. To exit the wizard, type #EXIT at the prompt and press Enter.

15. From the options, select the option Install, which is option 1. Then press Enter.

16. Here you can change the path where the Agent will be installed.
The default path is: /usr/share/dwagent
If you want to install the Agent in the default folder, just hit Enter.

17. To confirm the installation path, from the options, select Yes, which is option 1. Then press Enter.

18. From the two installation options, select the option Enter the installation code, which is option 1. Then hit Enter.

19. Enter the installation code that our system generated for you when you created the Agent. Then hit Enter.

As you can see in the picture above, the installation has been successfully completed. The Agent is ready to use.

Switch back to the account.

20. In the menu on the left, select All.
21. The Agent is available. You can connect to the agent by clicking on it.

This brings us successfully to the end of the installation process.
Use it with maximum satisfaction.